About The School
What began in the early 1990's as one man’s dream is today a growing and glowing reality; a vibrant independent school. Education has the power to change lives, all one needs is the opportunity and that’s why I tried to provide the education in reach of the ordinary village people and to help those who have been excluded from the joys and rewards of learning.

How the idea came about? My children Shambaleen, Ambareen and Ahmad Panezai were studying in Iqra Army Public School in Quetta affiliated with Cambridge in UK which is an English medium of high standard with strict admission policy and not available to ordinary people. The people in my village often during discussion used to mention that your children were lucky that they were studying in such a prestige school and we'd like to give the same education to our children, but we are unable to afford it because of the distance and the fee.

I owed it to the people of my village and with the help of my friend Jano Panezai, I bought some land especially for a school building and named it Iqra Public School Khanozai. This school would provide the same course, curriculum and standard of Iqra Army Public School Quetta with a much more minimal and affordable fee. The dream came true and the opening ceremony of the school was on the 8th March 1998 with my late wife Fareshta Panezai and she especially prepared and cut the ribbon and cake in hope for a prosperous and flourishing beginning of educating the people in my village. The school started with up to grade 5 and now runs till grade 10. This school is for Khanozai and the whole karezath around it and the highly trained staffs are also from Khanozai.

Some of the underprivileged yet intelligent students within the school are exempt from paying any fees as they're sponsored by generous members of the community who are greatly appreciated. If you'd like to sponsor any student within the school or require more information please contact panezai@doctors.org.uk